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This document has the aim to establish and regulate the rules of use, as well as to safeguard the Data Site We understand that sites are all the pages and its contents which are the property of SAVASSONA RETAIL SL that can be accessed through domain and its subdomains.

By this site, the owner aims to bring closer its clients the services of information as well as any other service that at any moment might be appropriate to its proper achievement of its corporate purpose.

The use of this site, as well as of the services that are to the disposal of its users, will mean the full acceptance and without reservations of all and each of the general conditions collected in this Legal Disclaimer (mentioned from now on as “General Conditions “), so the users will need to be conscious of the importance of each of them and read them each time they visit the site. Accessing this site implies the knowledge and acceptance of the following General Conditions, so we recommend the users either to print the SAVASSONA RETAIL SL, download them or read them each time they access the site.

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SAVASSONA RETAIL SL will not be responsible for possible damages that might spring from interferences, oversights, interruptions, computer virus, telephone failures or switch-offs in the functioning of this electronic system caused by reasons beyond the control of SAVASSONA RETAIL SL of delays or blockings in the use of this electronic system caused by failures or overload in its Data Processing Centre, of telephone lines, in the Internet system or in other electronic systems. SAVASSONA RETAIL SL will be responsible either for damages that may be caused by third parties by illegal interferences out of SAVASSONA RETAIL SL control. Likewise, SAVASSONA RETAIL SL is exempt from any responsibility for any damage that the user might suffer as a consequence of mistakes, faults or oversights in the information given by SAVASSONA RETAIL SL as long as this information comes from outside sources.

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Supposing that when using the services that SAVASSONA RETAIL SL offers in this site the users should provide personal data, SAVASSONA RETAIL SL following the current law, will inform the users of their rights and will ask for specific and unequivocal acceptance to treat their personal data.

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The user will be able to use the name or the brands, symbols, logos or distinctive signs that belong to SAVASSONA RETAIL SL without the explicit and written consent of SAVASSONA RETAIL SL.

In case any user or third party consider that any of the existing contents in this site might supppose a copyright infrigement or of other rights for the protection of copyright, please indicate to the following address. SAVASSONA RETAIL SL, Ctra. Parador Km 7-08519 Tavèrnoles –
condiciones de venta


The orders may last up to 24 business hours to be processed and get to the carrier. Here you need to take into account the time chosen for the shipment (24 to 72 hours). In case the order is picked up in one of our stores, customers will be able to pick it up from the next day without any additional charge.

When the shipment is processed, Fussimanya guarantees the quality and the good condition of its products.

Since we are dealing with food products, reimbursements are not allowed in case they have arrived in good condition. In case the products have suffered any kind of damage during the shipment, the customer should get in touch with Fussimanya the same day the product is received in order to process the incidence. It will be compulsory to accompany this incidence with photos that verify the bad condition of the product. In most cases, the reimbursement of the product will be done without any cost to the client.